Online blackjack


So you want to play online black jack? Let`s brief you. There are different risks that are involved in playing online blackjack with the danger of losing money real money wagers being the most obvious. Of course, it is impossible to win at all times thus losses should be expected. Therefore, an easily calculated and foreseen risk has to be taken with any game of chances.

However, greater concern should be put on the hidden cheats which can inflict massive damages to the player`s bankroll. If due care is not taken, then making and winning bets might just prove to be worthless. Below are 7 specific risks that one has to be aware of and ways to guard yourself against potential losses which have very little to do with how bad or well the actual online blackjack hands are played.

Online blackjack


Choose a very reliable gaming website

A lot of the long-established casinos are trustworthy especially those who are affiliated with a leading software provider. In case such gaming sites were not reliable, they would already have gone out of the gaming business. However, there are still few fly-by-night operations which lure players with their clever promotions and then go forward to make it impossible for the players to ever withdraw real cash. When selecting casinos for online blackjack, ensure that you check the published blacklists for the rogue casinos and the lists of top-rated casinos before making any deposits. In addition, look for certifications by reputable third party authorities like Technical Systems Testing and eCOGRA.

Know how to collect

Before you deposit any money to online casinos, it is very important to know how to get your money out. The fact that deposits can be made by PayPal, for instance, does not guarantee that winnings can also be transferred back using the same way. The FAQ sections of the gaming website should be able to provide specific instructions on how to withdraw funds including available methods, expected wait times, minimum amounts required, documentation needed and any associated fees. It might be necessary to verify one`s address, identity and banking information before initiating any withdrawals. Get informed well before risking your first bet to avoid falling a victim to a labyrinth of compliance details.

Read the fine print

One of the worst nightmares of blackjack players is winning big at the table and then going ahead to discover that those winnings are subject to a thirty times (30X) play-through requirements before they can actually be withdrawn from the casino`s account. This mostly happens in conjunction with promotions like new player welcome packages and deposit matching bonuses. Before you sign up for any free cash or offers of the same kind, ensure that you are familiar with all details.

Invest in proper software/hardware

It is a common nature for machines to break down and Murphy`s law applies fully to online gaming- any problem can occur, will occur and this will happen at the worst possible moment. Investing in safeguards like high speed modems, a surge protector, adequate RAM and sufficient bandwidth can help in avoiding nasty-equipment based meltdowns. In case connectivity seems to be intermittent or slow, do not play. Ensure that the software and hardware specifications are matched to the standards of the gaming site.

Guard against theft

Nowadays, identity theft has become huge problem. Make sure that all gaming passwords and account information are protected well. Exclude or limit others from mobile or computer access. Also, ensure that you always log out when the session of the paly has ended. In addition, make use of an anti-virus software so as to set up firewalls and also check regularly for spyware. Good gaming websites always do their best to protect your privacy on their end, but true security should be a 2-way street. Take game precautions with online casino accounts which would be used in ensuring the safety of a bank account or credit card.

Avoid tax nightmares

A good number of countries expect the players to report dutifully all their winnings from gambling every year including the amount that is won at online gaming sites. In the event an audit occurs, it`s the responsibility of the player to provide records of the amount they have lost or won. This is the reason as to why most accountants advise gamblers to always keep accurate records of their losses or winnings. Such data is valuable as it serves as a proof of all activities and can be helpful in avoiding huge headaches down the road.

Do not lose control

Addiction to gambling is a major danger which not only winnings but also relationships and livelihoods as well. For anyone who feels that gaming is becoming a problem for them, there is ready help which is available through organizations such as Gambler`s Anonymous or Gamcare. Common symptoms of gambling addiction include: Constant fixation or preoccupation on gambling, wagering often and in higher amounts, betting down to the last pennies available and inability to stop and walk away from gambling. Some people are constantly chasing after losses in attempt to recover the lost cash, gambling on credit or even using funds that were meant to pay for living expenses and bill, lying to friends and family about gambling and deteriorating relationships. When playing online blackjack stops being fun, then this might just be the time to stop.